Team Parker

How Our Story Began…

Team Parker began with two people (Evan & Katie) and in the first nine years we’ve added six more teammates!

We are a big family who LOVES doing life TOGETHER. We love each other, love archery, love adventure and love the outdoors. From the beginning, we would say to each other, “You and me, we go together.”  Now, after years of wonderful memories made, it’s, “You and me, …and Joy, Jack, Joe, Josh, Faith, & Victor, WE all go together!”

In life, we all enjoy the mountaintops, but also have to face the valleys. We have the choice on how to walk through both. We can allow circumstance to discourage us and take the wind out of our sails – OR – we can choose to look up and run after our dreams. Whether the season is one of dining on the proverbial boxed mac-n-cheese or comfortably perched in a Mercedes Benz, we have seen in our lives how a thankful heart can impact every thought and situation we find ourselves experiencing.

Our desire is to encourage others to live today like you will be glad you did 20 years from now. Be thankful, persevere at times, enjoy your journey and the people who are with you on your journey, get outdoors, go for it (whatever the “it” may be in your life), and Live Victorious Together.

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