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Hey there!  This is Katie.

We all have dreams… ever since I was a teenager, my dream was to have an awesome husband and a bunch of kids ;-).  While my dream was in the making, I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, which led me to a wild 2 year adventure in Africa.  I helped provide medical help to people out in the bush, slept a few nights in a hut next to a cow, taught English as a second language, ate a fried grasshopper leg, and helped homeschool missionary kids.  When I came back home, I worked as a RN.  Shortly after that, my dream became my reality.

Now, every day is my dream come true… Evan is my husband (he is even beyond my wildest dreams!) and we have 6 amazing kids.  My days are filled with loving/helping my man and our kids, and enjoying all the sweet moments that make up life  (ie. laughing, hugging, training, helping with school work, being there to walk through life with them, and truly recognizing my blessings in real-time).  I love living life together as a family of 8… whether it is working together to keep our home running, watching the kids shoot their bows, keeping score at an archery tournament, taking awesome road-trips for archery adventures, or just sitting around the table together.  I have made our family my career… and wouldn’t trade it for the world!