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Hello! Joe here.

The first bow I ever had was a little Barnett recurve bow.  I shot that thing everywhere, even over the house (got in trouble for that one ;-)!  I love my family, we do everything together… school, chores, sports, archery, and LIFE!  I love fishing, hunting, competing, and traveling.  I love to be outside in God’s creation with my bow, camera, and backpack (always)… enjoying the great outdoors.

In our family, we help each other.  I help my littlest brother, Victor, lots and help my mom with cooking.  I even helped set a bow up especially for her.  We have a lot of fun competing in archery tournaments and making crazy long shots at home (like 200 yards!).  None of that happens by accident.  We practice all the time because we like it.  Just remember… if you see somebody able to do something you want to do, you just have to practice and you’ll get there too!