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Hi, this is Evan.

Adventuring through life with an incredible wife and band of little arrow slinging warriors is such a gift.

Life is busy, flies by, and depending on what survey you read, the average time parents spend interacting directly with their kids a day is measured in minutes.

As a family, we looked for ways to do life together and found archery and the outdoors to be a perfect fit.  Everyone has their favorite sport, hobby, pastime…understandably.  However, we didn’t want to become a taxi service, drop our kids off and pick them up hours later, or just be on the sidelines watching… we wanted more.

For us, archery offers the opportunity for all ages to practice and train together, travel together, compete together, hunt together, and provides many opportunities to teach life lessons while having a blast and making incredible memories.

We made a big change…I walked away from a great job and security to start something that would allow me to bring my kids to work and invest in them…  I now have four “Innovation Stations” (some call them cubicles) behind my desk and the oldest four knock their regular school work out in a couple hours then get the opportunity to really tap their potential and learn about many other things.  Our oldest two have been coming to work and traveling with me for about 5 years.  They never have to come, but they know they are always welcome.  They have their own business cards, help with product development, field testing, keep my schedule, video editing, fly drones,  competitive analysis, go to functions / receptions like other partners, sit in legal meetings, have pitched in front of angel investment groups at 11 years old, and many other skills that they normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to learn this early.  It truly is amazing what kids can do when they know you love them unconditionally and you give them a chance.  It is an investment, would be simpler not to, but is an honor to pour into their lives.

We hope that our family can in some small way encourage, entertain, or inspire you to follow your dreams and enjoy the things in life that matter most with the ones you love.

Live Victorious