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Hey guys, I’m Joy!

Growing up, my dad took me hunting a lot. It was fun even when we didn’t see anything (Not specifying the reason…).  It was about being together and having a good time.  Being the oldest child in the family, my dad let me start coming to work with him regularly at age 8.  Ever since then, I have been coming to work, as his personal assistant!  Really!

When I was coming to work, one of my dad’s close friends (who is a really talented illustrator) started teaching me about Adobe Photoshop.  I really got into it.  Now I edit a lot of the photos for Team Parker!  Dad helped us get into archery about 3 years ago.  I started out with my brother’s old bow, and then I moved up to a Bear Apprentice.  After that, I got a Bear Cruzer.  I had been shooting the Cruzer and the Apprentice for the competitive tournaments.  Now I shoot a PSE Phenom XT-MD.  We have a great time as a family going to tournaments, and having fun adventures.  The packing, the unloading, the shooting, finding which class is yours, it is always interesting.  We have a lot of fun together!

Now, I’m not saying you just need good equipment to win, it takes practice!  I learned that the hard way.  Equipment does help, but practice will ultimately be the most important component.  People always say, “Practice makes perfect.”  But we say, “Practice helps you fulfill your potential.”   Whatever you have set your sights on, get out there and practice… and fulfill your potential!