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Hi, I’m Jack.

Before I touched a compound bow, my dad would take me hunting.  Since age five, I would sit with my dad in a tree stand.  If he was bow hunting, he would say, “Stay still”.  If he was gun hunting, he would say, “Stay low”.  I shot some small recurve bows before I shot a compound bow.  When I was learning to shoot a compound bow, nothing really came easy.  There were many times when I wanted to throw the bow down. But through my dad’s encouragement, and hard work, I finally was able to correctly shoot a compound bow.  Since I was little, I was amazed at my dad’s shooting with his bow.  I would watch him shoot his bow at 100 yards and thought to myself, “Now how in the world does he do that?”  When I had just turned nine, I saved up my money and bought my first bow (my dad helped me with the money part, somewhat).

When we would shoot our bows at twenty yards, our dad would say, “Try to shoot forty.”  At first I did not know why dad was letting us shoot at forty and fifty.  But after we figured out how to properly do it, I understood plenty.  My parents believed in us even when we did not.  They would say, “You can do whatever you want, and it will not affect how we love you”. They teach us that you can do anything you set your mind to.  Our dad helped us so much (that is an understatement).  He must have set thousands of pins trying to help us with our bows.

In 2016, my dad took us bow hunting.  He taught us to obey him immediately and exactly.  He trusted us more than I understood back then.  He also taught me how to use a climbing tree stand.  We would always wear a safety harness and a whistle just in case.  Our parents are the cornerstone of our lives.  They always love us the same, no matter how many first place trophies we win (or if we come in last), and no matter how many deer we shoot (or miss… which occasionally happens, but you didn’t hear it from me ;-).  They are the unfiltered example of unconditional love.